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Symantec is the world leading provider of solutions for reliability, authentication and security on the Internet. The Symantec SSL certificates are viewed billion times a day, the identity and authentication of these certificates guarantee to businesses and consumers worldwide protection in communications and online commerce of products and services.

The Symantec SSL/TLS certificates include the symbol Norton Secured, the number one trusted brand to provide customers and users security to perform transactions on your site.

Symantec Secure Site
Symantec (formerly VeriSign) Secure Site SSL protects the transfer of sensitive data on your website. It ensures encryption up to 256-bit and is recognized by 99.9% of web and mobile browsers. The certificate is issued after an average of 3 working days.
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Secure Site Pro
The Symantec Secure Site Pro certificate offers each visitor the most powerful SSL encryption available with the use of Server Gated Cryptography. It includes comprehensive validation, 99% browser compatibility, and free Norton Secured Seal. It is released within 3 working days.
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Symantec Secure Site EV with Green Bar
This certificate places the Symantec Seal-in-Search seals next to your website in the search results, telling users that your website is safe before they even visit it. It can turn the address bar into green and increase confidence in the company by helping to complete transactions with greater security. It is released within 10 working days.
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Symantec Secure Site Pro EV with Green Bar
The top of the line! Secure Site Pro with EV is the most reliable choice for the security of your website. It attracts more customers and give them total confidence in completing online transactions. It offers the most powerful SSL encryption available, the green address bar, 1,500,000 dollars of warranty and the Server Gated Cryptography encryption. It is released within 10 working days.
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