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Hosting Stak was born from the desire to ensure to every customer the best complete quality in IT by offering three hosting packages: basic, professional and business.

The company is part of the London IT landscape and wants to provide high quality web services in Italian language and to assist and follow each customer step by step.

Equipped with a solid foundation, Hosting Stak is a secure web hosting, with an always available assistance and quick response rates, and since it is not a structured organization it is able to relate with customers in a much more flexible and malleable way, and to adapt to their demands with more concern and commitment.

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The Hosting Stak staff helped me setting up my new account and answered all my questions. I am very satisfied with my new hosting!
Testimonianza Daniel Gjorgjiev
Daniel Gjorgjiev
Computer Engineer
The quality of the service I have received from Hosting Stak (both technically and professionally) until today has been outstanding! Excellent work!
Testimonianza Danila Santagata
Danila Santagata
Journalist of the Chamber of Deputies
The web hosting service is excellent! I activated all in one day, even if I wronged the domain name :) Thanks to the excellent service.
Testimonianza Alessandro Risso
Massimo Morfino
Real Estate Agent

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