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The SpamAssassin filtering software is among the most effective and advanced programs, to defend the mailboxes from spam content that, as well as to slow down business and operations, often constitute a serious threat to users.

Apache SpamAssassin is available for free with the 3 hosting plans: basic, professional and business, and represents an added value to those who use e-mail addresses linked to their own domain.

How does SpamAssassin work?

SpamAssassin runs a filtering activity of the incoming e-mails directly into the server area, relying on constantly updated databases that identify with an excellent success rate the common or even less frequent spams.

The proven effectiveness of SpamAssassin is the result of a sequence of controls to which each email is submitted. First, the software applies a semantic filter, considering the concurrency of the words contained in the object and body of the email, any symbol, link and instance of control key words; then it extends to the DNS, the source mail server and the sender's address.

Why is SpamAssassin reliable?

SpamAssassin is a tool born from the need to protect e-mails from the ever-increasing flow of incoming spam. Its open source nature is a strength that allows a constant update, thanks mainly to the interface with spam databases, which are files containing information, special features and recurring senders of junk email. These DBs are available online and used by SpamAssassin against the evolving threats that may arrive in email format. With SpamAssassin you are guaranteed to be in possession of the most updated tools in order to fight the spam. 

How is SpamAssassin to be used?

The software is available in the domain control panel, in the webmail section, for any owner of our hosting. Its activation is simple and, once activated, the filter is immediately on.

With SpamAssassin in action, e-mails still arrive to the mailbox, marked with the lettering "*** SPAM ***", and placed in a special folder. E-mails suspected of being spam can be found and definitively deleted manually.

Benefits of using SpamAssassin

Receiving emails only of useful content or from trusted senders can help you save time in reading and, consequently, improve work efficiency, productivity and business.

SpamAssassin can't guarantee the complete elimination of spam but helps to block it with significant percentages. The effectiveness of the checkpoint for junk emails allows you to raise even the level of security of the hosting itself, the client receiving the email and the corporate computer systems in general. Very often, spam emails contain viruses or malware in an attachment or are themselves attempts of phishing or scam. Blocking them at the origin, in this case, becomes fundamental and SpamAssassin is, in most cases, a definitive solution to eliminate all forms of risk.

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