Uptime is the time of Operation Services Percentages

The uptime is one of the parameters which is most dear to those in search of a stable and efficient web hosting. It indicates the time interval in which the server is active and regularly accessible through the network. Normally, it is expressed as a percentage and calculated on an annual basis. For example, a stated uptime of 99.99% means that, out of 365 days, the maximum disruption that may incur is, at worst, of about an hour.

To protect the customer there is the so-called SLA (Service Level Agreement), an agreement that specifies what the uptime guaranteed by the hosting provider is. If the provider does not comply with the agreed service level, the user will be entitled to a refund. Generally, the SLA uptime extends to the entire network infrastructure, including routers, switches and servers but, at the same time, may be subject to some restrictions: for example, no compensation can be claimed if the downtime is due to a wrong operation performed by the user, or if it is a simple scheduled server maintenance, communicated in advance and in the respect of the predetermined terms. 

The advantages of a SLA uptime are obvious. First, the customer can access a more transparent offer and have a clear idea of ​​the actual performance of the web hosting: for its part, it has a real guarantee that attests the quality of the service that it chooses. Not to mention that the higher the uptime is, the more the benefits will be. Just think of the losses that an e-commerce site would risk if, for some time, was not reachable (or worse, if it went offline just as a customer is completing the order procedure). The impact on the reputation and credibility of the site itself could be devastating. Not least, it is worth remembering that a low uptime may adversely affect in terms of ranking: the search engines aim to provide high quality links to their users and the sites which often register periods of inactivity can be penalized.

From the SLA guarantee the following cases are excluded:

  • Software malfunctions or incorrect configuration of the same installed by the customer;
  • datacentre maintenance;
  • Interruptions derived from the dorsal interruption or problems related to malfunctions of the customer's line;
  • Other problems not derived from a malfunction of our datacentres. 

For this reason, we've included a chart on reimbursement for all customers who have purchased an annual plan and report downtimes within 7 days of the due date thereof.

  • Annual UpTime lower than that reported one in the data sheets up to 97.5%, refund of 10%;
  • Annual UpTime minor than 97.5%, refund of 20%.

Attention: refunds can't be converted to cash, but will be credited in the control panel and will be used for the purchase and/or renewal of your services. ​

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