• Basic Hosting StartUp
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  • Websites that can be host Up to 1 Website
  • Disk Space Available 5.000 MB
  • Available Monthly Traffic Unlimited
  • The Number of Email Accounts Available 10 Email Accounts
  • A cPanel Leader Control Panel Easy to Use cPanel
  • See Full Specs

Basic Hosting - StartUp

The Basic Web Hosting Simple and Easy to Use
  • Safe, Fast, Reliablee Host your website on a fast hosting platform and give your business a competitive edge with fast loading times.
  • An Easy Control Panel Manage your website easily and intuitively via your Web browser and take full control of the website.
  • Make your website Grow with Us As your website gets bigger we will help you to move to the best package suited to your demanding, at any time.
  • Install the Apps with Only a Click Install more than 100 applications for free with a simple click. WordPress with a click, Zen Cart with a click, Joomla with a click, and much more.
  • Fast and Accurate Support Install more than 100 applications for free with a simple click. WordPress with a click, Zen Cart with a click, Joomla with a click, and much more.
  • 25 subdomains with the basic Plans Configure sub-domains from aliases or from the main domain, or lead them to a subdirectory in your hosting.

Why should you use Hosting Stak?

Hosting Stak offers shared secure, fast and reliable hosting. We know how important the online presence, the loading speed and availability of your online services are for you. Precisely for this reason, we are committed to provide a place where your website can grow every day more and more.
What is cPanel?

All our shared hosting plans come with the control panel cPanel, the most used and known in the world. cPanel control panel is the number 1 in the world, and is included for free in all accounts. Click here to try the free demo.

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Why a control panel?

The cPanel control panel included for free in the Hosting Stak hosting plans allows you to easily and intuitively create mailboxes, upload files to your hosting space, manage your website, protect your information and much more, with just a simple click!

Security of the Servers

Our servers are protected with the highest standards, we use firewalls, hardware and software in parallel with our web security plans. The datacentres located in Europe (Germany and France) are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year for the maximum safety and a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. With air-conditioned server room, temperature control systems, doors with alarms and CCTV surveillance 24/7.

We can never have too much safety.

In addition to your hosting account, you can associate additional security plans with SSL certificates (HTTPS) of well-known brand leaders of the industry. Or SiteLock, which defends your website from hackers and online threats. Learn more, click here.

Always available

Our support team works around the clock and is available via phone, email and our Helpdesk to help you with your hosting account when you need it most.

A Simple and Always Available Support

In your Hosting Stak account, where you can control all your services, you have full access to technical and commercial assistance. Just open a support ticket to immediately receive an exhaustive answer to any question.

Power supply

Each component is fully redundant, from the power supply to the SAN network controller for high speed, offering unprecedented uptime, high performance and reliability. The result? 99.99% of uptime, every month.


In accordance with the German Data Protection, all servers for hosting accounts are certified by the TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein or Technical Monitoring Association) and located in the heart of Germany, offering a guarantee of protection.

Power Over and Over Again

Intel processors of high-computational power allow to process virtually any type of request. Every hosting account is equipped with TurboBoost, allowing more power when required and hard drives in RAID to copy any data written on them simultaneously.

Make Your Business Grow

As your website becomes bigger, you will be able to choose a bigger plan, and we will help you to upgrade at any time. Are you waiting for a boom in traffic because you made a special offer in your e-commerce? No problem. We'll help you to expand the capabilities of the hosting plan to offer more power on your website, either big or small.

WordPress and Other Applications Included

Install WordPress or any other application in seconds in your hosting account through Softaculus. Softaculus also automatically updates the CMS installed and the open source application management is really easy. With the cPanel/Linux hosting you have over 125 free apps to choose from. Select your app and enter the access data. Bingo! No time for coffee; Your Favourite App will be running in 30 seconds.

The cPanel email, to win easily

With cPanel you can quickly and easily configure as many addresses available in your account in 15 seconds. Also, you can find:

  • SpamAssassin, a powerful antispam filter with prevention tools.
  • Forwarding and automatic email response systems to simplify the email management.
  • A default address which retrieves any email sent to an invalid address.
  • A user and account-level filtering to manage emails in a super-simple way.
  • Email archiving to save incoming or outgoing emails or messages from a specific period of time.