Datacenters Europe / Germany & France

Fast, reliable European servers - all the security you need.

Our two datacentres, located in Germany, will give you all the safety and speed of data transmission that you need. Built in two different locations not disclosed to the public, the datacentres offer a great safety guarantee against possible tampering or theft attempts, thanks to continuous video surveillance and the strictly controlled access, limited to authorized personnel.

The Hosting Stak datacentres help to ensure safety even in the face of totally unpredictable events, like the sudden absence of electricity: the innovative dual fuel system based on two independent circuits guarantees continuity and stability in tension, eliminating the risk of sudden loss of data. Moreover, an independent electrical generator ensures safety and continuity of service even in complete absence of electrical supply. Our point of honour? All the energy that we use for our datacentres comes from renewable and sustainable sources.

The overheating of the servers is no longer a problem: the innovative systems used to cool the datacentres allow to maintain at any time of the day (and with any weather) the ideal temperature, while saving over 45% of electricity compared to traditional cooling systems.

The cabling systems between the various servers and the data transport network are structured to ensure efficiency, robustness and reliability. Even in case one of the transmission channels has problems or fails in the connection, the service is always guaranteed: the automated system will detect any malfunctioning of the channel, and then turn the data packet to a secure channel. The top hardware allows you to face even the most particular and demanding service requirements.

The use of advanced technologies for data protection, impeccable maintenance and frequent checks on the integrity of the system are a high-quality guarantee. The advantage? Your website will always be accessible, the loading speed of the pages will be amazing and you will not face the tedious problems resulting from the loss of your data. You can also obtain safety certificates for all your needs: your business will not be limited by a slow or temporarily unavailable site!

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