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Essential for those who intend to stop threats before they manage to reach the vulnerable code, Mod Security is an Apache module that performs a real-time verification of all data exchanges that exist between a server and a client.

Mod_Security is a Web Application Firewall or WAF: it has the task of improving corporate security systems, turning into a filter capable of intercepting each request for access and evaluate it, even before being handled by scripts. Behaving in this way, Mod_Security protects and secures every dynamic Website connected to the network from the most common attack attempts, from those code-injection type, to the cross-side scripting, up to SQL or XSS injections.

But that's not all. The Mod_Security hosting also protects against Trojans, email injection, files injection that can infiltrate in your hosting, as well as bugs that fit on PDF files: so, not only the site, but also the file systems are protected. In fact, when you own a Mod_Security hosting you are assured that no intruder is able to infiltrate within your website or your system to control your programmes or manage the system routine.

Owning a Mod_Security hosting is therefore essential. Clearly, you can control at will, and depending on your security needs, the rules by which it is possible to set the control pattern of Mod_Security: depending on the selected options, then, Mod_Security can operate at a basic analysis level, or manage the data exchange between the client and the server in a very stringent and binding way.

This module has really great potential, and without much sophisticated configurations allows you to block 70% of the most common attacks to a web server: to get the most, just rely on our team of professionals who will suggest you what the best options are to carry out your business in complete freedom and safety.

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