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The loading speed of the website is one of the key factors to achieve high rankings and appreciably decrease the bounce rate of the user.

For Professional and Business plans we offer the integration option of the Google Mod_Pagespeed Protocol: this option allows you to amazingly reduce the webpage loading time.

What is Mod_Pagespeed?

To facilitate the optimization of the pages and to enhance high quality sites, Google has made available an open source module for the Apache web servers, meant to increase the loading speed. This module is constantly changing depending on the innovations and new demands underlined by Google itself. The implementation of this module in your hosting plan can lead to benefits that go far beyond the simply increase of the loading speed, especially with regard to business users.

Implementing Mod_Pagespeed: here are the benefits for your business

Now it is known: the loading speed of pages considerably affects the positioning in the SERP. A good SEO work, therefore, is not complete without evaluating the speed factor. Even the duration and the quality of a user's permanence on the website is strongly influenced by the loading speed of pages and content: the importance of these factors, in terms of potential conversions, is obviously essential. Implementing Mod_Pagespeed will help, therefore, to keep the users on the site for a longer time, to climb the SERP rankings more quickly and to sensibly increase the conversion rate: these results, constantly sought by professionals or by those who own an online business, are easier to reach with Mod_Pagespeed.

How Mod_Pagespeed works

The performance in terms of speed is improved by acting on the optimization of the CSS sheets, HTML, Java, and also by speeding the loading of graphics content and high-quality images in PNG and JPEG format. Some tests on the best performing servers, with Mod_Pagespeed integrated, revealed a 50% decrease of the loading time. Using this form is essential for those who use the web to promote their work, or for anyone who wants to offer its customers the best browsing experience possible: the implementation, by Hosting Stak, is available for Professional and Business plans.

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