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Comodo is one of the most recognized brand in the field of online security and offers certificates with different options at affordable prices to meet a wide range of needs. There is a Comodo certificate for any type of website and encryption required.

Thousands of businesses and organizations have relied on Comodo authentication, validation and security technologies to fight malwares and cyberattacks worldwide.

Comodo Essential
Comodo EssentialSSL is a cheap certificate suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. The certificate is issued on average within 30 minutes and doesn't involve any manual labour. Compatible with all desktop and mobile browsers, it also provides a Comodo Site Seal.
29.99 € / year Compare SSL
Comodo Instant
Comodo InstantSSL is a professional certificate at affordable price. It checks the company of the website and provides a guarantee up to 50,000 dollars. It offers great credibility and confidence to the consumer. Each certificate has a seal and is issued within 3 working days.
69.99 € / year Compare SSL
Comodo Essential Wildcard
The EssentialSSL Wildcard certificate ensures great value for small and medium-sized enterprises. Being a Wildcard certificate, it allows you to quickly and easily protect an unlimited number of subdomains under the same domain name. It is released in about 30 minutes.
139.99 € / year Compare SSL
Comodo Premium Wildcard
The PremiumSSL Wildcard certificate is designed to ensure security and trust in unlimited subdomains under one domain name. It's the perfect solution for websites that host different subdomains, such as, It is released within 3 working days.
227.99 € / year Compare SSL
Comodo UCC DV
The Comodo UCC DV (Domain Validate) enables secure communication for multiple domains and multiple hostnames with advanced encryption from 128 to 256-bit on the same server. It is released within 30 minutes, it offers multi-domain security, and is supported by 99.9% of the desktop and mobile browsers.
229.99 € / year Compare SSL
Comodo UCC OV
The certificate Comodo UCC OV easily protects multiple domains and subdomains using a single SSL certificate. It's a product for business websites, for the domain validation you may be required to send the company's documentation and you will get a 128 to 256-bit protection.
229.99 € / year Compare SSL
Comodo EV with Green Bar
Make the address bar green with Comodo EV SSL and increase sales by showing your customers a visible sign. The green address bar is available only through EV SSL, which provides the user a high encryption in online transaction, giving value to your business. It is released within about 15 days.
379.99€ / year Compare SSL
Comodo EV SGC
The certificate Comodo EV SCG returns a high level of confidence. The SGC technology upgrades older browsers so they can fully connect to the 128- or 256-bit encryption. This means converting more and protecting your customers better. It is released within 15 working days. The best solution at the best price.
399.99 € / year Compare SSL

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