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SiteLock offers a range of products for the security of websites of small businesses. "SiteLock Protects Your Business". offers very professional security tools at low cost and in a smart way. It protects your online transactions and increases the trust of your visitors toward your website.

It has also been demonstrated that the SiteLock seal within the webpages increases conversions and sales by about 70%, especially when users need to enter their personal data. - - Source: ¹ IBM - 2006 Consumer Security Survey

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  • SiteLock Enterprise Complete Security
  • 199.99 € Year
  • Expand Information
  • Add to Cart Pay in Total Security
  • SiteLock Security Seal
    SiteLock Security Enterprise
  • Up to 2500 Protected pages
  • Scan Security Network
  • Scan Security Software
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Malware Scanning
Malware detection
Make rapid diagnosis and control any infection or malware on your website. Blacklist Monitoring
Monitoring Blacklist
Blacklist monitoring
It checks every day if your site has fallen into the Google blacklist and protects online reputation.
Sitelock Support
Expert Support
The SiteLock Team can help you fix any infection or bug problem. Vulnerability Identification
Identification Vulnerability
Vulnerability identification
An X-ray system that scans your website and discover security flaws, viruses and other minor errors.

Attacks on WebSites Increasing

Most website owners do not think about the security of their business. Avoiding service interruptions, cleaning the website quickly with instant alerts, having an easy-to-use dashboard that helps to clearly identify the problems is vital.

With SiteLock it's easy to remove malware, other viruses and stay out of the blacklist to keep the traffic to the website continuous and flowing.

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