FileMaker Server Cloud Hosting

FILESTAK® - FileMaker Server Cloud Hosting
Access your Data in a Reliable and Efficient Way!

By activating a FileMaker Server Cloud Hosting you will immediately have access to a remote server with FileMaker Server preinstalled, in which you can safely share data with groups of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go users. You can rely on the availability and reliability 24/7, in a simple and fast way. Save on internal network configuration by automating all tasks with a powerful high-speed remote server.

  • FILESTAK® characteristics:
  • FileMaker Server Cloud Hosting Ready to Use
  • Optimized for FileMaker Server
  • Access via RDP (Remote Desktop Connection)
  • Access to FileMaker Server Admin
  • All the features of FileMaker Server 15
  • Support for FileMaker Go 15
  • Free activation of FileMaker Server
  • Big Storage and Bandwidth
  • A 150/200 Mbps Download and Upload Speed
FileMaker Server
FileMaker Server 15
FileMaker Hosting

By activating a FileMaker, you will receive a VPS Cloud hosting with FileMaker Server 15 preinstalled and ready to use, with which you can share your database with FileMaker Pro 15, FileMaker Go 15, use XML and PHP API for your outdoor applications.

Infrastruttura Ottimizzata
Optimized Infrastructure
24/7 Connection

Our infrastructure ensures very high uptime. We have great partners that ensure redundancy of the systems and safety against DDoS attacks. We also maintain the systems updated and secure. We provide support via email and tickets to make sure that the FileMaker Cloud Hosting always remains functional.

Facide da Usare
Very Easy to Use
No Stress

You can access the FileMaker Server Cloud Hosting through any Internet-connected device such as smartphones, PC or tablet and check the state of the platform at any time by using RDP (Remote Desktop Connection).

Risorse Dedicate
High Performance
Dedicated Resources

You'll always have resources available in the FileMaker Server Cloud Hosting. If you need additional resources, you can contact us for adding RAM or expand the storage of your HDD.

Interfaccia Utente
Manage the FileMaker Server
User Interface

You maintain total control of your server at any time. Restart or update resources with an intuitive control panel directly from your web browser.

Istanze Singole
Protection & Security
Single Instances

The VPS safety is fundamental. Each VPS is located in a single instance and is absolutely isolated for greater security and better performance.

Important for FileMaker Sever ...
Why You Should Use FileMaker Server Cloud Hosting

FileMaker Server Cloud Hosting allows you to have fewer limitations than an internal network and to share database information with people in different parts of the world or in your country. Moreover, being the only software installed on FileMaker Cloud Hosting, it allows you to have more freedom in the usage, add more services and load more data than a database with any Shared Hosting.

Any Questions?
Yes, FILESTAK® is ready to use, with the data to access remotely and the basic settings already configured.
Yes, technical support is in Italian and is accessible via ticket from the customer area or by email.
Yes, the payment takes place annually and automatically (optional) via PayPal or bank transfer.
Sure, you can move any file or folder from FILESTAK® to the PC with a simple copy and paste. Like on a normal USB flash drive.
No, our FileMaker Server Cloud Hosting are delivered ready to use. You will receive an email with all the information to access it immediately.
SOn Windows, you can use the already installed application that you can find in the "Accessories" the Remote Desktop Connection. Instead, in Mac OS X you can download one of the many Remote Control apps such as Microsoft Remote Desktop.
Yes, you can unsubscribe at any time. If you've used the PayPal payment method, you can unsubscribe on this page.
Sure! We have an affiliate program that allows you to earn fees by 20% for each FILESTAK® activated via your affiliate code. You can find other information on this page.

FileMaker Server Cloud Hosting FILESTAK®: Access to data in Reliable and Efficient Way!